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Gear Fit Gallery

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This application displays a photo gallery with up to 216 pictures on your Samsung Gear Fit 1 smartwatch.You are able to zoom in and out.Note: - This application only works on devices which have Gear Fit Manager.
How to use:- Install Gear Fit Manager and connect with your Gear Fit device.- Download and install this Gear Fit Gallery app.- Start Gear Fit Gallery app on your phone.- Tap "Choose directory for gallery" to select a folder to display on your Gear Fit. (If you need to see all folders tap "Settings" and "Show all directorys".)- On your Gear Fit: Zoom in by tapping pictures.- Zoom out by using the back button. On fullscreen picture tap on the picture.- Exit the app with the Gear Fit Home/Power button.
Furthermore:- You can start Gear Fit Gallery any time via the app connect menu on your Gear Fit.- The app caches thumbnails, so the loading is much faster when using the app the second time.- In "Settings" select "Show all directorys" to navigate to every directory on your phone.- In "Settings" select "Sorting" if you want to sort the pictures differently, by name or date.